People who say arcades are dead haven’t visited Triple Crown Family Fun Center! Our arcade features the latest games and fantastic prizes. All of our games are operated by game credits which can conveniently be placed on a “Crown Card,” so there’s no need to carry around pockets full of tokens anymore! All of the tickets earned are also stored on the same Crown Card, eliminating the need to carry around hundreds or thousands of tiny little easy to be lost tickets. We have all the classics and all the hottest new games, so bring your kids by today, enjoy some pizza, and have a blast in our arcade!


All of the games in our arcade are operated by the use of game credits placed on a “Crown Card”. The value per credit is $.25 (i.e. $1 gets you 4 credits, $2 gets you 8 credits). The games in our arcade can be played for anywhere between 2 credits per game up to 12 credits per game.


Most games we have provide tickets for different levels of success while playing the game…just look for the “rainbow swipers”. These tickets are put directly on your “Crown Card” and can be exchanged for prizes from our prize counter.

Ticket Counter

Once you are ready to redeem your tickets just take your “Crown Card” to the prize counter to get your prizes! “Crown Cards” can be kept and reloaded on future visits.


Our prize counter has a large variety of prizes which can be obtained for anywhere from five tickets to 40,000 tickets.